Fulfillment Logistics

Bring the last leg of your supply chain to the next level with ABCDEX Cargo's fulfillment logistics services. Keep deliveries on-time & customers happy.

The last leg of your supply chain is often the most critical, given it’s one of the last steps before your product reaches your customers. ABCDEX Cargo's Fulfillment Logistics helps make the final part of your supply chain your best. From ensuring timely delivery of your orders, to caring for your inventory in a safe and secure environment, we are here to make fulfilment a breeze.


Our fulfilment services cover:

Delivery of semi-finished and finished products to the distribution warehouse

Warehouse handling and storage including postponement services

Product Call-offs, PO/SO Management

Coordination of customer deliveries retail, commercial channels and consumers

Inventory management, visibility, tracking and planning

Implementation and operation of Manufacturers' Outbound Warehouses, Regional / National Distribution Centers in dedicated or shared environment, X-Dock/Merge in Transit Hubs

However, as a global leader in logistics, we do not just execute on fulfilment — we strategize, too.

We will help you find the best location for your distribution facilities. We will optimize these facilities to make distribution seamless. Using a variety of Warehouse and Labor Management tools, we’ll design a simple to fully automated customer dedicated or multi-client warehouse and decide on the best suitable staff and operational processes to manage inbound and outbound flow of products – your deliveries will always be on-time.

We also offer value-added services to make sure your fulfilment process is the best it can be. Here are just a few of the processes that will operate efficiently, all of the time:

Labeling and sorting

Merging in transit








Reduced inventory and cash-to-cash cycle time through pre-placement of inventory in line with your customer demand, and enablement of postponement solutions.

Lower Distribution Cost: We optimize your network by locating your points of fulfillment close to the market and thus reducing your distribution costs.

Greater Cut-off Time Flexibility: Our integrated distribution and transportation services give you more control over defining cut-off times with your customers.

Support of Postponement Strategies: Our proven experience in final assembly and sales promotion helps support your postponement.