Marine Parts industry

We are able to transport the most diverse types of complex cargo. Check our customized marine spare parts shipping service.

As a leading global supplier with 23 years of experience shipping marine engine spare parts and deck equipment, we recognize the critical importance of the logistics involved in moving marine spare parts worldwide.

With our product sourcing capability, supplemented by our full service in-house freight and logistics operation, we bring the product to market quickly and in the most efficient and economical method possible, all while ensuring that technical, logistical, safety, regulatory and budgetary requirements are met.

Maritime Logistics Solutions

International shipping operates on a tight schedule. To operate economically, ships must stay on the move. This means that those in the marine parts industry must ensure their supply chains run efficiently.


Our Industry Know-how

At ABCDEX Cargo, we offer customized solutions to everyone in the marine parts industry, including:

Ship owners

Ship management companies

Shipyards to offshore operators

Tow and barge operators



Our specially-trained consultants are well-versed in finding the fastest routes to any port, all while using the most suitable transport mode for your freight.

Additionally, our global network of logistics warehouses is at your disposal. We putt your storage close to ports and to major spare parts suppliers around the world.

Our services cover all stages of your supply chain, from order processing, procurement, and inventory/project management to bidding and shipping. We believe in transparency, meaning you can count on clear pricing and lead-time guarantees. Plus, our focus on innovation means the latest IT solutions, such as online tracking, are always available to you, no matter where your freight is shipping.

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