Perishables & Reefers industry

ABCDEX Cargo is an expert in transportation and logistics for perishables & reefers logistics. We ship chilled, frozen-fresh and shelf-stable goods to destinations around the world.


Whether you need to transport your perishables & reefers by land, rail, sea, or air, ABCDEX Cargo has a specialized logistics solution to meet your needs. Your sensitive goods will arrive at their destination as fresh as they were when they started their journey.

Thanks to our global network, ABCDEX Cargo can respond to your individual requirements for shipping perishable items, such as meat, produce, poultry, seafood, and dairy products. Our flexible transportation options – by land, ocean, air, and rail, provide optimized door-to-door solutions to fit your product’s needs, your budget, and your schedule.

With our innovative packing solutions, we keep your sensitive goods stored in the best atmospheric conditions, ensuring they are well-tempered and fresh when they arrive at their destination. Plus, our unique tracking system allows you to track your shipment throughout the entire process, giving you peace of mind.


Our Industry Know-how

Quality handling on all trade lanes with reliable transit times

Global availability of capacity and environmentally friendly equipment

Complete transport chain for: Electronics, Healthcare (Diagnostics), Perishables (Dairy Products, Fish, Seafood, Fresh Produce, Meat & Poultry), High Value Goods, Pharmaceuticals

Careful visibility and monitoring throughout the entire transport chain with specialty solutions (ABCDEX Cargosmartbox)

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