Choose a plan for your next delivery!

Our domestic and international courier services are worldwide recognized as the most economical and fastest delivery.

Courier Services

To meet all your courier delivery needs, we offer personalized domestic and international courier services for delivering documents and express packages to all destinations.

Next Outbound Flight

When you need a fast courier service, ABCDEX Cargo Next Flight Out (NFO) is your best solution.

Offering solutions all over the world, ABCDEX Cargo can pick up and deliver anywhere, as quickly as possible. Offering same-day delivery with a set deadline, our premium products are designed to meet the toughest deadlines.

Call +1 786-587-8866 and we will pick up your order in three hours. Our special services representatives will schedule your shipment immediately and find the best possible route to your final destination. ABCDEX Cargo maintains the Chain of Custody until the destination and offers tracking for each step of the way.

Priority One

It guarantees the special treatment required at the destination to guarantee the first delivery of a shipment. Priority One services cover definitive delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the performance of the next flight.

Standard Express

Desk-to-desk delivery of documents and small packages worldwide within 24 to 72 hours.

Deferred standard

A deferred service that offers a more economical option when time is not essential.

Hand delivery service

Time-efficient handling service for individual shipments that do not require delivery confirmation and whose delivery time is flexible.

Choose a plan for your next delivery!

Our domestic and international courier services are worldwide recognized as the most economical and fastest delivery.

On-Demand Special Courier Services

ABCDEX Cargo specializes in time critical, hand-carry, personalized courier services with just one responsibility — catering exclusively to the needs of your special shipment.

These shipments are accompanied by a dedicated passenger provided by the ABCDEX Cargo. The ABCDEX Cargo team operates 24/7 for the most reliable and prompt reaction time. Our on-board carrier maintains the chain of custody from drop off to pick up, offering safe and prompt delivery of your shipments. We can pick up your shipment anywhere, anytime within one hour of your call for the most expedited service. ABCDEX Cargo’s expert specials staff are experienced in acquiring the best offer regarding the airline ticket considering that passenger is travelling using the lowest available rate that fits your timeframe.

Aircraft On Ground (AOG)

We understand the cost of aircraft on ground (AOG). We provide specialized aircraft parts transportation service.

Aircraft Charter Service

Makes all cargo and combination planes available on demand and under contract for single-day or long-term use.

Parts Bank Service

Designed for manufacturers and distributors of critical parts, service options include breakbulk, assemblage, consolidation, order entry, pick-n-pack, distribution, inventory control, and customer support and service.

Logistics Service

Order management, distribution functions, warehousing, and information management services all unified and available in one place — allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Dangerous Goods Handling Service

Special handling for Dangerous Goods, Restricted Articles, and even Hazardous Materials.