Fashion & Retail industry

In the ultra-competitive retail industry, speed, flexibility, and efficiency are the key. That’s why nationwide and worldwide retailers trust ABCDEX Cargo for their fashion and retail supply chain management solutions.

When high demand for a product creates a rush order, ABCDEX Cargo’s global network expedites goods from anywhere in the world, directly to the customer. We work with you to develop a flexible supply chain management system that enables you to respond to new market requirements, such as increased demand or product launches.

As an integrated logistics services provider ABCDEX Cargo operates and shapes the transportation network of the future, including ground transportation as well as air cargo, sea cargo and contract logistics. We ensure reliable, on-schedule distribution to retailers or end consumers. Plus, our transparent and traceable stock levels and delivery routes allow you to keep track of your freight wherever in the world it goes.

But it’s not just about production and distribution. To survive in fashion and retail, you must adapt to an ever-changing landscape. We’ve got that covered. We make sure your supply chain is supported with quality checks and equipped with the latest e-commerce solutions for order fulfillment and distribution.


Our Industry Know-how

For the Fashion & Retail industry, ABCDEX Cargo provides global expertise in our customers’ supply chain challenges including

Leverage existing knowledge and drive continuous improvement processes

Web-based shipment tracking and customized IT platform (CIS)

Sales data capturing and customized reporting

Outsourcing logistics operations

One single point-of-contact

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