Truckload (tl)

Dry Vans (think semi-trucks) are the most common type of full truckload for domestic shipping and are great for general purpose cargo. This is any type of non-specialty goods or equipment and is usually loaded in boxes or palletized. Shipping TL allows you to get the most for your money with less hassle because it requires that the whole trailer box be completely filled with only your cargo. This means no stops to drop off other cargo along the way, no repetitive loading and unloading, just straight through to your destination.

Flatbed, sometimes referred to as “Heavy Haul” depending on the weight of your cargo, is the second most common form of Full Truckload domestic shipping. This type of shipping is meant for oversized and overweight cargo that would not be able to fit in the traditional dry van trailer. Typical examples of flatbed/heavy haul freight would be large machinery, industrial equipment, tanks, and even helicopters. Regardless of the dimensions of your cargo, you can ensure that it is transport will be just a smooth as a traditional shipment.

Because there are times when your cargo needs special treatment extending further than a standard dry van or flatbed, we offer special transportation as well. Whether you need to get your freight expedited or your freight requires temperature control, we provide you with service you can be confident in. We strictly monitor every temperature controlled shipment and can provide expedited service as needed.