Trade Show & Exhibition

If your company regularly participates in Trade Show & Exhibition, chances are that you need a forwarder to transport your cargo to and from the location.

Tradeshows are a great opportunity to peek interest in your products or services – potential customers, investors, or owners from all over will be there looking to see what your business has to offer, so your products and display need to be there on time and in tip-top shape – you want to look good.

If you have ever had tradeshow cargo show up late or damaged, it is a pain to deal with and embarrassing for you. Choosing a forwarder who specializes in trade show transportation versus one that just has an available truck will save you time, money and headaches - ABCDEX Cargo does just that.

We pride ourselves on making sure that we fully understand and manage your expectations for each shipment. We will have one of our specialists strictly dedicated to your shipment to ensure a safe, reliable transport that leaves your company looking their best.