Motorcycle transportation services is our business. ABCDEX Cargo is specialized in worldwide motorcycle transportation services.

Motorcycle Shipping Services

When you want your motorcycle to arrive safely, quickly and at a fair price, we can help you. Founded in 1997 by experts who care about your bikes as much as you do, today we have the largest fleet of vehicles and effective methods to get your motorcycle on the go. If you find the motorcycle of your dreams and are thousands of miles away, we will bring it to your door. Maybe you want to take a trip with all your friends, but can't take time off from work to go all the way? We can help make this happen for you. In addition, our employees are also pilots themselves and are ready to share helpful tips and tricks to make your trip easier.

When you place your order with us, we provide an easy reference table for documenting and shipping your motorcycle by air, sea, or land. We care about your motorcycle, it is not just another item for us.

For a personal quotation contact us any time by phone +1 (786) 587-8866