At ABCDEX Cargo, we know the high cost of your aircraft on ground, so we work to ship your aircraft parts as quickly as possible. ABCDEX Cargo 24/7/365 global aviation services team is dedicated to serving our aviation and aerospace customers for all of their AOG shipping, logistics & warehouse needs across 123 countries.

Aircraft on Ground Logistics

Aircraft On Ground

Aircraft on ground or AOG is a term in aviation maintenance, indicating that a problem is severe enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. There is a rush to purchase parts to put the aircraft back into service and avoid flight delays or cancellations. AOG is also used to describe critical shipments of out-of-service or OTS aircraft parts or materials at a location.

AOG Shipping

AOG Shipping is a service for airlines and other aircraft operators to ensure the timely delivery of critical components for an aircraft to return to service quickly. This can mean any aircraft part, from a jet engine, landing gear or wing component. AOG Shipping (Ground Aircraft) is a small but crucial part of an airline's operations, every minute an aircraft stays stationary means lost revenue and cost increases.

Hand Carry Courier/On Board Courier

You will need an exclusive portable carrier when certain items are sensitive or urgent to be delivered to an airline: movies, merchandise and perishable documents are just some of the many things an exclusive partner can carry. ABCDEX Cargo will provide a handheld carrier who will personally deliver your product to you or to whom you are destining.

Specialists in Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) Logistics

Dedicated 24/7/365 Global Aviation Services Team to serve your shipping needs

Charter services and Project Solutions team to help transport large and bulky aircraft parts

Global ASA-100 Accredited Storage and Warehousing

Device enabled Actionable Intelligence can help reduce human error and ensure your critical parts arrive on-time

Full web services connectivity with your internal systems to automate shipping, tracking and billing

Ramp access at strategic hub airports in Europe, South America, North America, Caribbean Island and Asia.

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